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Submission Step One: Starting the Submission

Step One ensures that the Author understands the journal’s submission rules. The Author will have to pick the appropriate section to submit to, and will be provided with information on the journal’s privacy statement, copyright notice, competing interest statement and/or author fees, if applicable. If you need any help the journal’s technical support contact is provided at the top of this page.

Submission Steps Technical Support

If the journal allows content to be submitted in more than one language, you will be able to choose a specific language to complete the submission in. You must complete all required fields for the submission language you choose; you can also optionally fill out required and optional fields for the other languages supported by the journal. For example, if you choose French as your submission language, you must provide an article and title in French; but you may also provide that information in English (or whichever other language(s) supported by your journal), as well as any other metadata – indexing keywords, etc.

Submission Language

If the journal charges Author Fees, these will be presented to the author. If the journal does not charge submission fees, this section will not appear.

Author Fees

Next, the author must check each of the items from the Submission Checklist. These items were established in Journal Management Setup Step 3.

Submission Checklist

The journal’s copyright policy will appear next, and, if configured as a requirement, the author will need to agree to this policy. If the journal has not added a Copyright Notice, this section will not appear.

Copyright Notice

Authors can then review the Privacy Statement. If the journal has not added a Privacy Statement, this section will not appear.

Journal's Privacy Statement

Finally, the author can add any comments, which will be visible to the editor. Move to the next step by hitting the Save and Continue button.

Comments for the Editor