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Prepared Email

OJS facilitates work flow communication through the use of prepared email messages. The wording of these messages has been added to get you started, but they can be easily modified.

  • Go to Management Pages section and select Prepared Emails:

Management Pages: Prepared Email

  • From the Prepared Emails page, select the template you wish to edit by using the Edit link. You will probably have more than one page of templates to choose from.

Prepared Emails

  • Make your changes to the selected template. Avoid changing any of the embedded program variables (anything that looks like {$this}) however, as these will dynamically generate appropriate information. (For example, {$reviewerName} in the figure below will insert the Reviewer recipient’s name into the email.) Remember to Save your changes.

Edit Prepared Email

Some configuration is required to send email. See the Administrator’s Guide for more information.