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OJS includes a Payment module for charging various fees. Fees can be charged for author actions (including fees for article submission, fast-track peer review, and article publication); article access (subscriptions and pay-per-view options); and for donations and membership dues.

Payment Options #

To enable the Payment Module, click on the Payments link listed under Management Pages.

Management Pages: Payments

Fee Payment Options You can enable the Payments Module by clicking the box under General Options. You can also choose your currency here. You should ensure that the currency you select here matches up with the currency selected under Subscriptions, if the subscriptions component is also being used.

Fee Payment Options

Further down the page, you can enable and customize author fees for article submission, fast-track peer review, and article publication. Note the Waiver Policy. If filled in, this will display along with the Submission Checklist in article Submission Step One, and in About the Journal, under Submissions.

Author Fees

Reader fees can also be enabled for either subscriptions or pay-per-view purchases.

Reader Fees

General Fees for association membership and/or donations can also be added. The Association Membership information will appear in About the Journal under Policies, and the Donation link will appear above the search function in the right-hand frame (it is a sidebar block that can be re-positioned – see Journal Setup for details).

General Fees

Gift subscriptions can also be purchased through the Subscriptions page.

Gift Purchases

Payment Methods #

You can edit fee payment options by clicking the Fee Payment Methods link at the top of the Fee Payment Options page.

Fee Payment Options
Fee Payment Options

If you choose the Manual Fee Payment option, you can enter instructions on how to pay fees to the journal. These instructions will be displayed whenever a user needs to pay a fee. Manual fee payments cannot be accepted for article or issue purchases, only journal subscriptions.

Fee Payment Methods: Manual

If you choose the PayPal Fee Payment method, you must enter the appropriate PayPal account information for the service to work correctly. The advantage of this option is that readers can make immediate payments and have immediate access to your content. With the Manual Payment Method, readers will need to wait until you have approved their payment.

Fee Payment Methods: Paypal

Payment Records #

The Payment module tracks system payments, and provides records on the Records page. You can access this page by clicking the Records link at the top of the Fee Payment Options page.

Payment Records

You will be provided a list of users who have made payments to your journal, with payment type and timestamp listed. If you click on the Details link next to a listed item, you will see a more comprehensive summary of the payment record.