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Import/Export Data

Open Journal Systems offers a variety of tools and Import/Export plugins which allow the Journal Manager to inject data into and extract data from OJS. More information can be found for each plugin’s documentation within OJS’ plugin directory (plugins/).

Note This section serves only as an overview of OJS’ import/export functionality. Some import/export functions, notably the Users and Issues & Articles functions, are complex to use and to explain. For detailed usage instructions for all import/export functions, see the documentation online.

Journal Managers can begin to import and export different types of data by going to the Journal Management menu and selecting Import/Export Data.

Journal Management Pages: Import/Export Data

The resulting page displays the available options to Import/Export Data.

Import/Export Data

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Covered in the online documentation:

  • Erudit Article Export Plugin: This plugin allows you to export articles using the English Erudit DTD. This would allow your journal to interoperate with the Erudit publishing system from the Université de Montréal.

  • PubMed XML Export Plugin: Export article metadata in PubMed XML format for indexing in MEDLINE. This would be appropriate for health science journals that have been accepted for indexing in MEDLINE.

  • DuraCloud Import/Export Plugin: Allows you do export your journal issues to an external DuraCloud repository service.

  • DOAJ Export Plugin: Use this to send your metadata to the Directory of Open Access Journals.

  • Users XML Plugin: Supports the import and export of users and their roles. To export a list of users from your journal, select one or more roles and hit the Export Users button, or use the Export All link. To import a list of users, you can use the User Data File upload tool.

  • Public Identifiers XML Plugin: Import and export public identifiers.

  • METS XML Export Plugin: Export journal metadata in METS XML format.

  • DataCite Export/Registration Plugin: Export or register issue, article, galley and supplementary file metadata in DataCite format.

  • QuickSubmit Plugin: Allows you to quickly add complete submissions to the editing queue or directly into an issue. Provides a one-step submission process for editors needing to bypass the traditional submission, review, and editing process. This is a useful tool for 5 - 10 articles, but if you have more than that, you may wish to use the Article XML Import feature (see below).

  • mEDRA Export/Registration Plugin: Export issue, article and galley metadata in Onix for DOI (O4DOI) format and register DOIs with the mEDRA registration agency.

  • Crossref Export/Registration Plugin: Export or register article metadata in Crossref format.

  • Articles & Issues XML Plugin: This is useful for exporting the article and issue metadata from one OJS journal to another. It can also be used for importing large amounts of back content from outside of OJS.