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Chapter 7: Editors

The Editor oversees the entire editorial and publishing processes. The Editor, working with the Journal Manager (or playing both roles), typically establishes the policies and procedures for the journal, which are used in configuring the journal in Journal Setup in Chapter 5.

Via the Editorial Process, the Editor assigns submissions to the Section Editors to see through the Review and Editing processes, while keeping an eye on the submission’s progress and assisting with any difficulties in the process.

The Editor can also play the role of Section Editor in the Editing process, seeing accepted submissions through copyediting, layout, and proofreading.

The Editor also schedules submissions for publication, arranges the Table of Contents and publishes the issue, as part of the Publishing Process.

Note #

The Editor and Section Editor may share many responsibilities. While the Review and Editing processes alike can be handled by both roles, they are only discussed in Chapter 8: Section Editors. Pages unique to the Editor only are here in Chapter 7.