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Editorial Statistics

Editorial statistics refer to the editorial activity of a journal or press. The editorial statistics service helps you calculate data on submissions received, accepted and published, and how long authors must wait for editorial decisions.

Get a count of submissions received by one journal.

$received = Services::get('editorialStats')
        'contextIds' => [1]

Get a count of submissions received by one journal in January, 2020.

$received = Services::get('editorialStats')
        'contextIds' = [1],
        'dateStart' => '2020-01-01',
        'dateEnd' => '2020-01-31',

Get a count of submissions accepted by one journal.

$accepted = Services::get('editorialStats')
            'contextIds' = [1],

Pass one or more SUBMISSION_EDITOR_DECISION_ constants to count submissions that have been desk rejected or rejected after peer review.

Do not use countSubmissionsReceived() and countByDecisions() to calculate acceptance and rejection rates. A submission may have been received but not yet accepted or rejected and decisions are often made more than a year after submission.

Use countByDecisionsForSubmittedDate() to calculate acceptance and rejection rates.

$args = ['contextIds' => [1]];
$accepted = Services::get('editorialStats')->countByDecisionsForSubmittedDate(SUBMISSION_EDITOR_DECISION_ACCEPT, $args);
$declined = Services::get('editorialStats')->countByDecisionsForSubmittedDate([SUBMISSION_EDITOR_DECISION_INITIAL_DECLINE, SUBMISSION_EDITOR_DECISION_DECLINE], $args);
$total = $accepted + $declined;

$acceptanceRate = $accepted / $total;
$rejectionRate = $declined / $total;

Get the number of days it took for each accepted submission to reach its final decision.

$acceptDays = Services::get('editorialStats')->getDaysToDecisions(
    ['contextIds' => [1]]

Calculate the average.

$average = array_sum($acceptDays) / count($acceptDays);

Or calculate an acceptance rate which allows you to report more meaningful statistics to authors.

// 80% of accepted submissions receive this decision within
// <$rate> number of days.
$rate = Services::get('editorialStats')->calculateDaysToDecisionRate($acceptDays, 0.8);

The PKPStatsEditorialService class includes methods to count submissions by status or workflow stage.

Read the docblock for each method to understand clearly how statistics are calculated. In particular, the dateStart and dateEnd arguments are applied differently for each method.