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Publication Versions

Changes applied to a publication after it has been published are preserved in different versions. Each version has its own title, metadata, contributors and galleys.

When working with submissions, care must be taken to ensure you are working with the correct version. Usually this is the most recently published version, but that may not be the case in the editorial workflow or in scenarios where all versions must be handled.

Current Publication #

A Submission’s publication details are stored in Publication objects and can be retrieved by accessing the current publication.

// Get the title of the current version
$title = $submission

The current publication refers to the most recently published version. If the submission has not been published yet, the current publication will be the most recently created version.

Changes After Publication #

A publication can not be edited after it has been published. To make changes, a new version should be created, edited and published.

use APP\facades\Repo;

// Create a new version
$newPublication = Repo::publication()->version(

// Edit the new version
$newPublication = Repo::publication()->edit(
    ['datePublished' => '2020-01-15'],

// Publish the new version
$newPublication = Repo::publication()->publish(

The publication Repository includes a few additional methods to assist with publishing and versioning submissions.

Method Description
version Create a new version of an existing publication.
validatePublish Perform pre-publication checks to ensure the publication is ready to be published.
publish Publish a publication, update the status, and create the appropriate log entries.
unpublish Unpublish a publication.

Working with Versions #

Get the most recently created publication when you want to retrieve the latest version regardless of whether it is published or unpublished.

$latestPublication = $submission->getLatestPublication();

Get all versions of a submission that have been published.

$publishedPublications = $submission->getPublishedPublications();

Get all versions of a submission.

$publications = $submission->getData('publications');

Identify Versions #

When displaying a list of the submission’s versions in the UI, they should be identified by their datePublished and version properties.

foreach ($submission->getData('publications') as $publication) {
    echo __('submission.versionIdentity', [
        'datePublished' => $publication->getData('datePublished'),
        'version' => $publication->getData('version'),
// Produces the following:
// 2019-11-13 (1)
// 2020-02-03 (2)
// 2020-05-16 (3)

Submission Getters #

The getter and setter methods in the Submission object which get or set data attached to a Publication are deprecated. The following code should not be used.

// Deprecated. Do not use.
$title = $submission->getLocalizedFullTitle();

Use the following code instead.

$title = $submission