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Exercise 1 - Route Request to a Page

This exercise is designed to help you understand how requests are routed in OJS/OMP/OPS. Use this exercise as a guide, but take the opportunity to explore beyond the steps here when you are curious how something works.

Read the Architecture, Request Lifecycle, Routes, and Handlers sections of the developer documentation. Then use what you’ve learned to build a custom page.

In the example below, we’ll use http://localhost:8000/index.php/publicknowledge. This base URL may be different depending on your local development environment.

Specifications #

  • When I visit http://localhost:8000/index.php/publicknowledge/exercise/announcements, I should see a simple HTML page that says “Announcements”.
  • When I visit http://localhost:8000/index.php/publicknowledge/exercise/users, I should see a simple HTML page that says “Users”.
  • When I visit http://localhost:8000/index.php/publicknowledge/exercise, I should see a simple HTML page with links to each of the other two pages.