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A collection of resources that may help you while coding with OJS and OMP.

CacheBuster #

This plugin will clear the template and CSS cache with every request. Enable it so that you don’t have to manually clear the cache every time you make a change.

Be careful not to enable this on a production site. Recompiling templates and CSS is a time-intensive task.

Postman API #

We use Postman to test our REST API endpoints. You can import our request collection for OJS (last updated 2020-12-21).

Generate submissions #

A CLI script to generate submissions for import. Run php ojs-generate-submissions.php to create the XML file, then import from Tools > Export/Import > Native Import.

Generate metrics #

A CLI tool is available to generate usage statistics for each submission in your instance. From the root directory of an application, run:

php lib/pkp/generateTestMetrics.php <context_id> <start_date> <end_date>

Dates should be in the format YYYY-MM-DD.

Remove a locale key #

A CLI tool is available to remove locale keys. This can be useful when a locale key is no longer used and needs to be removed from every locale.

From the rood directory of an application, run:

php tools/removeLocaleKey.php example.locale.key

It will remove all instances of that locale key from every locale .po file in the application and pkp-lib.