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The articles and other submissions of your journal add value to their area(s) of research, and having a preservation plan or policy will ensure they continue to do so.

The goal of digital preservation is to keep your content online and accessible to readers. Digital preservation services, such as LOCKSS, Archivematica, and Portico, provide a means of backing up your content should your website become unavailable. These services are not free, but you may have access to them through your library.

If your journal is using OJS 3.1.2 or newer, there is the option to use the free PKP PN Plugin which deposits your content in the PKP Preservation Network (PN). For instructions on enabling the PKP PN, see the PKP Preservation Network Guide.

If you have any questions, talk to your librarian about what services the library may be able to provide or assist you with.

If you don’t have access to a service, a simple way to protect your content is to make multiple copies of your journal and store them on different servers or devices. For best practices, check the preservation policy at Boston University Libraries.