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Introduction: Student Journal Toolkit

So you’re thinking about creating a student journal or maybe joining the editorial board for one. But you have questions, such as how does peer review work? What do I need to know about copyright? Or you need some guidance on getting started.

Student journals are academic journals run primarily by a student body. They may publish content produced by faculty, students, or the general public, and they may be run in collaboration with faculty, library staff, associations, or university administration.

To get a sense of how these journals work, watch these videos for the Seaman High School journal (this is a news broadcast), the Missouri State University undergraduate journal, and Transformations: A Student Journal in Education.

Unsure of why you should be involved? These students from Manchester Metropolitan University share their experiences of being a part of a student journal. Potential student journal mentors or advisors might be interested in learning about the benefits and challenges of student journals, which we have explained in more detail in Appendix One.

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