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Open Journal Systems

Before you get started, you will need to consider how and where you will host and manage your journal content. For example, where will the content be published, how will you receive submissions, and how will those be reviewed? Your institution’s library may be able to provide hosting support for your journal through journal management software such as Open Journal Systems (OJS). OJS is a free, open source journal management and publishing system developed by the Public Knowledge Project (PKP). OJS is used globally by thousands of journals. Many libraries host OJS themselves, and PKP also offers fee-based publishing services for those who prefer to have the hosting taken care of outside their organization.

Check out this page for some examples of journals hosted with OJS.

There are a few tools for the OJS system:

OJS comes with plugins that support theme customization, social media sharing, usage statistics, and more. Additionally, OJS has collaborated with CrossRef, an organization dedicated to making scholarly communication better by using metadata to “find, cite, link, and assess” content (crossref.org). There is a plugin and documentation on using CrossRef with OJS.