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Objects & Classes

Plugins in OJS 2.x are object-oriented. Each plugin extends a class defining its category’s functions and is responsible for implementing them.

Table 5.1. Plugins

Category Base Class
generic GenericPlugin (classes/plugins/GenericPlugin.inc.php)
importexport ImportExportPlugin (classes/plugins/ImportExportPlugin.inc.php)
auth AuthPlugin (classes/plugins/AuthPlugin.inc.php)
gateways GatewayPlugin (classes/plugins/GatewayPlugin.inc.php)

Each base class contains a description of the functions that must be implemented by plugins in that category.

Plugins are managed by the PluginRegistry class (implemented in classes/plugins/PluginRegistry.inc.php). They can register hooks by using the HookRegistry class (implemented in classes/plugins/HookRegistry.inc.php).