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Database Design

The Open Journal Systems 2.x database design is flexible, comprehensive, and consistent; however, owing to the number of features and options the system offers, it is also fairly broad in its scope.

For further information, please see dbscripts/xml/ojs_schema.xml.

Table 2.1. OJS Database Schema

Table Name Primary Key Description
access_keys access_key_id Stores keys for one-click reviewer access
article_authors author_id Stores article authors on a per-article basis
article_comments comment_id Stores comments between members of the article editing process; note that this is not used for reader comments
article_email_log log_id Stores log entries describing emails that have been sent with regard to a specific article
article_event_log log_id Stores log entries describing events that have taken place with regard to a specific article
article_files file_id, revision Stores information regarding the various files (e.g. images, galleys, supplementary files) associated with a particular article
article_galleys galley_id Stores information about a particular layout (or “galley”) associated with a particular article
article_html_galley_images galley_id, file_id Associates images with galleys stored in the article_galleys table
article_notes note_id Stores notes made for tracking purposes about a particular article by the editor(s)
article_search_object_keywords object_id, pos Provides an index associating keywords, by position, with search objects they appear in
article_search_objects object_id Lists search “objects”, or entities that can be searched.
article_search_keyword_list keyword_id Stores all keywords appearing in items the system has indexed
article_supplementary_files supp_id Stores information about supplementary files belonging to a particular article
articles article_id Stores information on every submission in the system
comments comment_id Stores reader comments about articles
copyed_assignments copyed_id Stores information about copy editor assignments
currencies currency_id Stores information about currencies available to the subscription subsystem
custom_section_orders issue_id, section_id Stores information about issue-specific ordering of journal sections
edit_assignments edit_id Stores information on editing assignments
edit_decisions edit_decision_id Stores editor decisions with regard to a particular article
email_templates email_id Stores a list of email templates that have been modified by the journal manager
email_templates_data email_id, locale, journal_id Stores locale-specific text for emails in email_templates that have been modified by the journal manager
email_templates_default email_id Stores a list of default email templates shipped with this version of OJS 2.x
email_templates_default_data email_id, locale, journal_​id Stores locale-specific text for emails in email_templates_default that shipped with this version of OJS 2.x
group_memberships user_id, group_id Stores membership information for groups
groups group_id Stores information about groups (a.k.a. custom masthead)
issues issue_id Stores information about particular issues of hosted journals
journal_settings journal_id, setting_name Provides a means of storing arbitrary-type settings for each journal
journals journal_id Stores a list of hosted journals and a small amount of metadata. (Most metadata is stored in journal_settings)
layouted_assignments layouted_id Stores information about layout editor assignments
notification_status journal_id, user_id If a user wishes to be notified about a particular journal, they are associated with the journal ID in this table
oai_resumption_tokens token Contains resumption tokens for the OAI protocol interface
plugin_settings plugin_name, journal_id, setting_name Stores settings for individual plugins
proof_assignments proof_id Stores information about proofreading assignments
published_articles pub_id When an article is published, an entry in this table is created to augment information in the articles table
review_assignments review_id Stores information about reviewer assignments
review_rounds article_id, round Associates an article ID with a review file revision for each round of review
roles journal_id, role_id, user_id Defines what roles (manager, editor, reviewer, …) users have within particular journals
rt_contexts context_id Reading Tools contexts
rt_searches search_id Reading Tools searches
rt_settings journal_id Reading Tools settings for each journal
rt_versions version_id Reading Tool versions
scheduled_tasks class_name On systems supporting scheduled tasks, this table is used by the task execution script to store information about when tasks were last performed
section_editors journal_id, section_id, user_id Associates section editors with sections of journals that they edit
sections section_id Defines sections within which journals can publish articles
sessions session_id Stores session information for the users who are currently using the system
site title Stores site-wide configuration information
subscription_types type_id Defines types of subscriptions made available by the subscription subsystem
subscriptions subscription_id Describes subscriptions “owned” by the system’s users
temporary_files file_id Used for situations in which a file must be temporarily stored on the server between user requests
users user_id Stores information about every user registered with the system
versions major, minor, revision, build Stores information about the current deployment of OJS 2.x