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Getting started

We use Cypress and PHPUnit to test our applications. Before you can run the tests, you will need to clone and configure the application’s repository so that you have a working installation of the application on your local environment.

Configure your environment #

There are many ways to configure your environment to run the Cypress tests. We recommend creating a cypress.env.json file.

	"baseUrl": "http://localhost:8000",
	"DBTYPE": "****",
	"DBHOST": "****",
	"DBUSERNAME": "****",
	"DBPASSWORD": "****",
	"DBNAME": "****",
	"FILESDIR": "****"

Replace **** with the values which match your local installation and place this file in your application’s root directory.

The DBTYPE must match one of the options in the installation form. It is usually mysqli or postgres9.

The integration tests will install the software and create test data.

Run integration tests #

The integration tests will install the software and run a number of tests to add users, make submissions, record editorial decisions and publish articles.

Before the integration tests are run, update your config.inc.php file and set the installed flag to Off.

; Set this to On once the system has been installed
; (This is generally done automatically by the installer)
installed = Off

Run the following comand in the root directory of the application to start a server. The URL should match the baseUrl in cypress.env.json.

php -S localhost:8000

Run the following command in the root directory of the application to run the tests.

npx cypress run

Or open Cypress and watch the tests while they run.

npx cypress open
Once Cypress opens, click the Run All Specs button to start the tests.

Tests that are shared between the applications are stored in the lib/pkp/cypress/integration directory and must be run with a separate command.

npx cypress run --config integrationFolder=lib/pkp/cypress/tests/integration

Run PHP Unit tests #

Run the unit tests with the following command in your application’s root directory.

sh lib/pkp/tools/runAllTests.sh

The unit tests can be run before or after the integration tests and do not depend on the test data.

Learn about continuous integration testing.