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Learning OMP 3.4: A User Guide to Open Monograph Press

Learning OMP 3 is a guide for how to use Open Monograph Press (OMP), an open source tool for managing and publishing monographs, edited volumes, and scholarly editions online. This guide is for Press Managers and Editors and explains how to manage roles and permissions, set up a press, publish monographs, and display them on your press website.

This guide can be used alongside Learning OJS 3, which has information about how to use OMP that is common to both OMP and Open Journal Systems (OJS) – a similar open source software application for publishing scholarly journals.

About OMP #

Open Monograph Press (OMP) is an open-source tool for managing and publishing monographs, edited volumes, and scholarly editions online. It is a highly flexible editor-operated book management and publishing system that can be downloaded for free and installed on most web servers. It has been designed to reduce the time and energy devoted to the clerical and managerial tasks associated with publishing books while improving the recordkeeping and efficiency of editorial processes. It seeks to improve the scholarly and public quality of publishing through a number of innovations and includes clear and intuitive workflows for every aspect of the manuscript submission, review, editing, and production processes.

OMP 3 Features #

Visit our website to learn more about Open Monograph Press and what it has to offer for book publishers, including full metadata for worldwide dissemination and discovery.

For a detailed description of new features in OMP 3.3, see What’s New in This Version of OJS in the Learning OJS guide.

Install and Upgrade #

OMP is easy to install and configure. However, running a web service requires a systems administrator who knows how to deploy web applications. Our Administrator’s Guide provides full instructions on how to download, install and configure OMP.

If you do not have the expertise, staff or desire to install and manage OMP on your own, PKP Publishing Services provides complete hosting solutions for every budget.

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