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How can you use OJS?

A typical use case for course journals is to create smaller assignments relating to participation in the setup and decision-making for the journal, and one major assignment published in the journal. We recommend these projects for upper-year undergraduate or graduate courses where students have experience producing quality written or multimedia assignments. It is beneficial to have an experienced instructor or technical assistant on hand to help students troubleshoot.

Benefits of using OJS #

OJS is open source software designed to support the full editorial workflow for journal publishing, so it is ideal for managing the production of a course journal. OJS allows you to:

  • Manage the workflow for peer review, copy editing, proofreading, and publishing.
  • Keep track of versions and correspondence between authors and the editorial board
  • Take advantage of hosting services, technical support, and community support for using the software

For more information about the benefits of OJS, check out the brochure: What can OJS do for you?

Course Journal Examples #

Here are some examples of course journals from a selection of Canadian institutions:

Course Syllabus Example #

Dr. Ela Przybylo: Intersectional Feminist Journal Praxis (Fall 2018, Simon Fraser University).