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Other options beyond OJS

OJS is a longstanding and reliable solution. It also has the benefits of scholarly discovery that are part of OJS 3 with XML harvesting and Google Scholar metatags, etc. However, there are many other open source publishing options and it is worth examining the pros and cons before you commit to one platform. Below we list a few other options to consider.

Wordpress #

Wordpress can be a decent publishing tool due to its large availability of themes and layout options. It also enables a more blog-like workflow and eventual publication. The major drawback is that it does not support a complete journal workflow. It does have an editorial plugin, but this has some limitations.

Janeway #

Janeway is a journal platform designed for publishing scholarly research material. It is developed and maintained by the Centre for Technology and Publishing at Birkbeck, University of London.

PubPub #

PubPub is a community based platform that supports each part of the publishing process, from drafting documents, conducting peer review, and hosting entire journal and book websites, to collecting and displaying reader feedback and analytics.

Other tools #

For other tools, see Mind the Gap: A Landscape Analysis of Open Source Publishing Tools and Platforms.