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Support for your course journal

Support for your journal may be available from various institutional partners, such as the library, research office, or the teaching and learning centre.

Technical Support #

Contact your liaison librarian to find out whether there is already an OJS installation hosted at your institution.

You may also get support through PKP’s Publishing Services. PKP Publishing Services provides technical support for journals they host, as well as external support for journals hosted independently. Your IT team may also be able to provide technical support for journals hosted in-house.

Instructional Support #

Professionals at your institution may be available to come to your class to discuss topics on writing, publishing, and using OJS.

For example, a librarian may be available to visit your class to discuss the publishing process and introduce concepts such as open access, author rights, Creative Commons licensing, and peer review. If they have experience with OJS, they may also be able to provide support with setting up the journal website and managing the editorial workflow, including making submissions, assigning peer review and submitting comments, uploading revisions, etc. An instructor from the writing centre may also be able to visit the class to discuss writing for publication, copyediting, and proofreading.

Production Support #

Depending on the level of support available, your librarian may also be able to assist with other aspects of journal production, including placing submissions in a PDF template, creating HTML pages, or even reviewing or copyediting submissions.