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PKP as Sponsoring Organization

As a Crossref Sponsoring Organization, PKP can also act as sponsor and representative for other journals to join Crossref through PKP. Journals from low-income countries may be eligible for sponsorship, allowing these journals to become Crossref members and deposit DOIs into the Crossref system at no cost.

Eligible Countries #

Organizations from the following countries (who are in the Low Income Country category, or in the Low & Middle Income country list and whose GNI per capita is up to $1,500) may be eligible for sponsorship.

Afghanistan (LIC) Central African Republic (LIC) Gambia (LIC) Liberia (LIC) Niger (LIC)
Sudan (LMC) Bangladesh (LIC) Chad (LIC) Guinea (LIC) Madagascar (LIC)
Pakistan (LMC) Tajikistan (LIC) Benin (LIC) Comoros (LIC) Guinea-Bassau (LIC)
Malawi (LIC) Rwanda (LIC) Tanzania (LIC) Benin (LIC) Congo, Democratic Republic (LIC)
Haiti (LIC) Mali (LIC) Sao Tome and Principe (LMC) Togo (LIC) Burkina Faso (LIC)
Cote d’Ivoire (LMC) Kenya (LIC) Mauritania (LMC) Senegal (LMC) Uganda (LIC)
Burundi (LIC) Djibouti (LMC) Korea, Democratic Republic (LIC) Mozambique (LIC) Sierra Leone (LIC)
Yemen Republic (LMC) Cambodia (LIC) Eritrea (LIC) Kyrgyz Republic (LMC) Myanmar (LIC)
Somalia (LIC) Zambia (LMC) Cameroon (LMC) Ethiopia (LIC) LAO PDR (LMC)
Nepal (LIC) South Sudan (LMC) Zimbabwe (LIC)    

For further eligibility criteria and any other information, contact us. If you believe your journal meets the PKP Sponsorship requirements and you’d like to submit an eligibility form, you can click here to fill one out.

PKP Publishing Services clients #

PKP Publishing Services provides additional Crossref support. All hosted clients can rely on our internal expertise to assist with plugin setup and support. Additionally, Enterprise clients will now have Crossref represented membership and DOI deposits included as part of the Enterprise hosting package. For more information, please contact us.