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When OJS, OMP or OPS is used to run many independent journals, presses or preprint servers, we call it a “multi-tentant” install. These instances often need to provide unique domains to each tenant.

Domain Names #

The base_url setting in config.inc.php can support multiple domains. Use the following syntax for multiple base URLs.

base_url[<path>] = <url>

For example, if you had two journals with path names lorem and ipsum, you can route them to different domains like this.

# Homepage of the lorem journal
base_url[lorem] = https://journal-a.com

# Homepage of the ipsum journal
base_url[ipsum] = https://journal-b.com

Use the path index to route requests to the site index.

base_url[index] = https://example.com

You will also need to rewrite URLs using mod_rewrite or a similar mechanism, in order to route requests to the application to the correct domain name. The correct rewrite rules vary depending on each setup. You may wish to review past discussions.

Privacy Statement #

By default, every journal, press or preprint server can configure their own privacy statement. As the controlling authority in a multi-tenant service, you may wish to enforce a privacy statement that meets the requirements of your legal jurisdiction.

Set the following to On in config.inc.php.

sitewide_privacy_statement = On

Then add a privacy statement by logging in as an administrator and going to Administration > Site Settings > Site Setup > Information. This form is only available when you have more than one journal, press or preprint server.

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