Steps for Starting a New Monograph Press with OMP

Here are the main steps in setting up your press with OMP. The steps are split between steps for getting started and additional steps for when you have published content.

Getting Started #

  1. Start by reviewing standards in professional publishing. Guides such as the Principles of Transparency and Best Practice in Scholarly Publishing (Open Access Scholarly Publishing Association) can help ensure your planned publication(s) meet professional standards.
  2. Determine the aim of your monograph series. What is the focus, scope, and target audience for your press?
  3. Determine your author licensing and copyright policy, taking into account legal concerns
  4. Determine your editorial guidelines and policies, such as peer review policy, copyright, guidelines for authors, and guidelines for reviewers
  5. Install Open Monograph Press (OMP)
  6. Configure OMP

    Please note, it will require some technical expertise to install and configure your Press.

  7. Register an ISBN prefix for your monograph(s).
  8. Register for a DOI prefix
  9. Consider the staff, time, and funds you will need to start and maintain your press. Ongoing staff resources needed could include editorial board, reviewers, copyeditors, and layout editors.

After Publishing Content #

  1. Determine your marketing and promotion strategy
  2. Get your content indexed

Additional Resources #

(Credit: Queen’s University Library)