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What is a theme?

A theme controls the look and feel of your journal or press, including the colors, layout and typography. A theme is a type of plugin for OJS 3.0+ and OMP 1.2+ which allows you to override the default template files and add your own CSS.

This guide assumes that you are familiar with writing and using HTML and CSS to build websites. The theming platform follows common practices for overriding templates and injecting CSS styles that you may be familiar with from other content management platforms, such as WordPress or Drupal.

If these are new concepts for you, you may find this section of the Learning OJS 3 guide more useful.

Locating the Theme Plugins #

You will find any themes you have installed under the /plugins/themes/ directory in your OJS or OMP installation. Each application ships with at least one theme, the Default Theme. You can learn more about this and other themes under the Themes section of this guide.

The following sections in this guide will introduce you to the main components of a theme, providing an orientation to the file structure and contents which make up a theme.