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Publication Versions

Multiple versions of an article or monograph may be published. A theme should be built to ensure that the correct version is being displayed at all times.

Use the getCurrentPublication() method to get the most recently published version of an article or monograph.

	Published on

The most recently published version should always be displayed in lists such as issue tables of content, catalog pages and search results.

{foreach from=$submissions item=$submission}

The user may view older versions of an article or monograph. This request is passed to the same article.tpl template that displays the latest version. When writing this template for your theme, the publication variable will contain the requested version.


Compare the publication to the currentPublication to determine if the reader is viewing an out-of-date version and display a warning.

{if $currentPublication->getId() !== $publication->getId()}
	<div role="alert">
		You are viewing an old version of this article.
		View the <a href="...">most recent version</a>.

Get a link to the most recent version.

{url page="article" op="view" path=$article->getBestId()}

Or get links to each version that has been published.

{foreach from=$article->getData('publications') item=$iPublication}
	{url page="article" op="view" path=$article->getBestId()|to_array:"version":$iPublication->getId()}