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Default Theme

The default theme that ships with OJS 3.0+ and OMP 1.2+ is designed to work great for a broad range of users. It employs a simple, straightforward design style that’s easy to tailor to fit your needs and ensures your content is easy-to-access no matter what.

This OJS site demonstrates the Default theme.

The default typography uses fonts from Google’s Noto family, specially-designed to improve visual harmony across as many languages as possible. A wide variety of character sets are available from Google’s web font repository.

The Default Theme has deliberately chosen a simple, no-fuss layout with a neutral color palette. This makes it easier for your brand to stand out with just a few simple changes to the color and typography in use.

The simple structure of the Default Theme makes it easier to extend with Child Themes. A large set of LESS variables can be adjusted to override font sizes, colors, borders, responsive breakpoints and more.