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Introduction: Using PKP Software in Multiple Languages

According to data about OJS journals collected in 2021, about half of the 25,000+ OJS journals worldwide are published in languages other than English and in multiple languages. OJS is used in 56 different languages, with English, Bahasa Indonesia, Spanish, Portuguese, and Ukrainian being the most common.

The possibility of using PKP Software in other languages responds to the community’s need to have tools that support scholarly publishing in other languages. This support creates a space for more diverse voices to participate in current academic conversations, reducing inequality and enriching knowledge. While publishers and authors may be eager to support multiple languages, a bit of planning and configuration is required to do this effectively.

This document provides a set of best practices, ideas, and suggestions for creating and implementing a multilingual strategy within PKP Software, whether you intend on using multiple languages in the user interface, in metadata, in published content, or any combination of the above.

In Spring 2023, PKP also offered a webinar based on this guide. The recording is available below for those who might prefer an audiovisual introduction to the multilingual features in PKP software.

The webinar recording above is also available in a French language version.

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