How to build themes, write plugins and develop new features for OJS, OMP and OPS.

Hosting and Deployment

Documentation for system administrators who want to run, deploy, maintain and upgrade our publishing software.

Administrator’s Guide

A guide for system administrators on how to install and upgrade, import and export, process statistics, troubleshoot problems, and more. View Now

Available in Français.

How to Upgrade

A step-by-step guide for technical staff who want to upgrade to the latest version. View Now

Release Notebooks

Essential guidance on changes to the application code for each new release. View Now

Notebooks: 3.3, 3.2


Documentation for coders who want to customize our publishing software, write plugins or themes, and make coding contributions.


Everything you need to know to begin developing with OJS or OMP. View Now

Versions: 3.4, 3.3

Contributor’s Guide

Learn how to contribute to Open Journal Systems, Open Monograph Press, and Open Preprint Systems. View Now

Theming Guide

An introduction to building custom themes for OJS and OMP, for web developers who want to tailor the look of their journal or press. View Now

Available in Português.

Plugin Guide

Learn how to write plugins to customize almost anything in OJS and OMP. View Now


Learn how to write and run tests for the application or your own plugins and themes. View Now

Specifications and Reference Guides

Technical documentation such as the REST API schema, UI Library, and application source references.

REST API Usage Guide

Helpful hints and complete technical references for using OJS 3’s REST API. View Now

References: 3.3, 3.2, 3.1

UI Library

Component library, documentation and style guide for developers working with the user interface for OJS 3’s editorial backend. View Now

OJS Reference

This resource contains documentation generated automatically from the OJS source code. View Now

OMP Reference

This resource contains documentation generated automatically from the OMP source code. View Now

Open Journal Systems 2

Documentation for developers who are still working with OJS 2.

OJS 2.x Technical Reference

An extensive document regarding versions 2.x of the OJS platform. View Now

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