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Funding Metadata

As of OJS 3.1.2, it is possible to enable a funding registry plugin for submitting funding information to Crossref. The plugin will use the Crossref Funder Registry and Crossref API to check against existing funding agencies. The plugin will include funding information in your Crossref DOI deposits.


This plugin adds submission funding data using the Crossref funders registry, considers the data in the Crossref and DataCite XML export and displays them on the submission view page.

Installing and Enabling the Plugin #

  1. Navigate to the user dashboard.
  2. Click settings.
  3. Click plugins.
  4. Click the submenu item plugin gallery.
  5. Find the plugin labelled “Funding” and click the title.
  6. Install the plugin by clicking “install”.
  7. Once you get a notification that the plugin is installed, click the submenu item plugins.
  8. Locate the Funding Plugin and click the blue checkbox on the right to enable it.