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How to Configure OJS for Crossref XML Export

Configuring OJS 2.4.x #

See the OJS 2.4.x Crossref Plugin Guide.

Configuring OJS 3.0, 3.1 #

Setup for the Crossref Export Plugin in these versions is the same as detailed in the OJS 3.1.2 Crossref Plugin Guide

Depositing DOIs with Crossref via XML Export #

Export XML will download XML generated by the plugin in the Crossref XML Schema. Simply click the check boxes next to the articles you want to deposit and then export. Once you have the XML file, you can submit it via the Crossref admin tool at https://doi.crossref.org.

You can read more about the Crossref admin tool at https://www.crossref.org/documentation/member-setup/direct-deposit-xml/admin-tool/.