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In addition to managing the press web site, the Press Manager is also responsible for all of the user accounts in the system.

To view the user accounts, select Users & Roles from the left menu.

User Management #

Users are displayed in last name order.

You can edit a user account by selecting the blue arrow to the left of an entry.

This opens the options to Email, Edit User, Disable, Remove, Login As, or Merge User.

**Email **opens a window allowing you to quickly send a message to that user.

**Edit User **allows you to make changes to that user’s account.

**Disable **keeps the account in place, but blocks the user from accessing it.

**Remove **clears the user account out of your press records and the user can no longer login, but the account remains in the system.

**Login As **allows you to temporarily log in as that user, for example, to complete an outstanding task.

**Merge User **lets you fold this user account, including any submissions or assignments, into another user account on your system.

Note: This is the only way to completely delete an account from the system.

You may want to create a dummy user account (e.g., Deleted Users), and use that to merge unwanted accounts into.

When you have a large number of users, you will want to take advantage of the search feature.

This can help you quickly find a user when you know a first name, a last name, or some other piece of information.

Note: If you leave the Search field blank, select a Role, and hit Search, you will get a list of all users in that role (e.g., all Press editors).

Add User #

To add a new user to your press, select the Add User link. This will open a new window with a set of fields to fill in.

Once these fields are completed and you hit Save, you will then be asked to assign roles to the new account. Use the _Add Role _link to open the role selector.

Once you have added all of the roles, hit the **Save **button.