Temporary stats for views and downloads from institutions based on visitor log records. Data in this table is provisional. See the metrics_* tables for compiled stats.


Column Type Size Nulls Auto Default Children Parents Comments
usage_stats_temp_unique_investigations_id BIGINT UNSIGNED 20 null
date DATETIME 19 null
ip VARCHAR 255 null
user_agent VARCHAR 255 null
line_number BIGINT 19 null
context_id BIGINT 19 null
presses.press_id usti_context_id_foreignC
submission_id BIGINT 19 null
submissions.submission_id usti_submission_id_foreignC
chapter_id BIGINT 19 NULL
submission_chapters.chapter_id usti_chapter_id_foreignC
representation_id BIGINT 19 NULL
publication_formats.publication_format_id usti_representation_id_foreignC
submission_file_id BIGINT UNSIGNED 20 NULL
submission_files.submission_file_id usti_submission_file_id_foreignC
assoc_type BIGINT 19 null
file_type SMALLINT 5 NULL
country VARCHAR 2 ''
region VARCHAR 3 ''
city VARCHAR 255 ''
load_id VARCHAR 255 null Implied ConstraintR


Constraint Name Type Sort Column(s)
PRIMARY Primary key Asc usage_stats_temp_unique_investigations_id
usti_chapter_id Performance Asc chapter_id
usti_context_id Performance Asc context_id
usti_representation_id Performance Asc representation_id
usti_submission_file_id Performance Asc submission_file_id
usti_submission_id Performance Asc submission_id