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These guidelines are for contributors to Public Knowledge Project (PKP) documentation, including PKP staff and committee members, users of the software, journal managers, system administrators, and developers. Whether you are new to PKP software or have been using it for many years, you have a unique perspective and valuable information to share with the community.

Documentation is essential to users of Open Journal Systems (OJS), Open Monograph Press (OMP), Open Conference Systems (OCS), and other PKP software. It is often the first thing that users look at when they’re getting started, trying to troubleshoot a problem, or learning how to use a new feature or version of the software. Creating and updating documentation is a precious contribution to the PKP user community.

First of all, thank you in advance for your contribution! Secondly, contributing can be very easy. These guidelines are essential reading for anyone who would like to contribute to PKP documentation. They outline different types of documentation, ways to contribute, how to find and complete a documentation task, style and formatting, tips and resources, and copyright policies.

Types of Documentation #

Most of PKP’s documentation is on the PKP website. It consists of the following:

Documents or Guides #

Instructions on how to use, administer, or develop PKP software. Hosted in the PKP Documentation Hub and composed with markdown. For example, see Learning OJS 3.

README Files #

A file included with each release of PKP software and, ideally, with each plugin. Located in the root folder of their specific software/plugin repository in GitHub, they contain information about the software version, installation, and basic functions, settings/configuration, and usage. For example, see the OJS Keyword Cloud Block Plugin README file

Videos #

Video tutorials on how to use PKP software or take part in scholarly journal publishing. These videos include courses in the PKP School. For example, see “Setting up a Journal in OJS 3

In-app Help #

Basic information about a particular part or feature of a PKP software application that users can access from within the application itself, by clicking “Help”.

Web pages #

The PKP website has information about PKP platforms or the organization that does not consist of usage instructions but is still instructive/supportive. PKP Staff maintains these pages. For example, see Editorial Resources